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Vaughan Winborne is a sole practitioner, so there is no worry about being passed along to junior staff. He works with people in Hawaii, Hilo, Kohala, Kailua-Kona, and Ka’u.

Family Law 

If you are married or have a child, and are involved in a dispute with your spouse or the parent of your child, you need to speak to an attorney. Many people wait until the week before the court hearing to contact a lawyer. The odds are by then it is too late to help you. You need to contact your attorney at the beginning of the problem not the end, if you want the best results for yourself. It does not matter if this is custody, visitation, or child support. The sooner the attorney starts to work on your case the more likely you will have the best outcome. Contact Attorney Vaughan S. Winborne Jr., when the problems start.

The same goes for TROs. Remember, if you are served with a TRO, you are required to obey each and every term of the TRO. Because the TRO is temporary, you will soon get to contest it in court. If you violate the TRO, it will hurt you when the time comes to contest. The same goes for the person who brings the TRO. If that person violates the terms of the TRO before the contested hearing, you may show that the TRO is unnecessary.

Child custody and visitation arrangements are up to the judge to determine. There are many factors that the judge considers in awarding either joint or sole legal or physical custody of a child. Having an attorney on your side, to prepare your case, can greatly increase your chances of getting custody. If you do not get custody, you want to get the best visitation arrangement you can. Child support is determined by listing income and expense figures into the State of Hawaii Child Support Guidelines format. The difficult question is what income and expense figures should properly go into the guidelines format. This is why you need Attorney Vaughan S. Winborne Jr. on your side to advise you. Contact him today.


As soon as a person has been arrested for a crime, they need an attorney. First, it is imperative that they make no statements to the police without an attorney present. Second, it is more important to have an attorney than to have a lower bail bond immediately after one is arrested. The lower bail bond may allow for temporary freedom, yet an attorney may allow for permanent freedom. An accused person has many rights, however, most of the time they do not know what those rights are or what they mean; yet an attorney does. Exercising those rights at the appropriate time and in the appropriate manner can easily make the difference between being found guilty or innocent. If you are arrested, contact Vaughan S. Winborne Jr. immediately.


Attorney Vaughan S. Winborne Jr. has a college degree in Business Administration and a graduate degree in Law. He is licensed as an attorney in Hawaii. He has also run a business outside of his law business. Many lawyers who advise business people have never been in the trenches, experiencing the day-to-day operation of a business. This means their legal advice is somewhat incomplete. They know what the law is, but they don’t know exactly how it applies in the “real” business world. If you are involved in a business dispute, you need an attorney who can give you the best “big picture” advice, not simply the best legal advice. If you want the best comprehensive advice, contact Attorney Vaughan S. Winborne Jr.


Landlords and tenants frequently have minimal understanding of the positions of those on the opposite side. Having been both a landlord and a tenant, Attorney Vaughan S. Winborne Jr. can communicate in the language of both parties, and get the other side to understand what they need to do. This saves time. Time is money, and therefore saves you money. If you want efficient resolution of your landlord/tenant disputes, your first move should be to reach out to Vaughan S. Winborne Jr.


A TRO (temporary restraining order) in Hawaii’s Family Court, is based on a personal or a household relationship. A TRO in Hawaii’s Civil Court is somewhat different. Both are ‘emergency’ orders of short duration, ending when the court at a hearing decides to either make the TRO more permanent or to dismiss the TRO for lack of evidence. Lack of evidence, can be that the judge does not believe the witnesses or that the judge does not find an urgent need. However, while the TRO is in effect, it must be obeyed. If it is not obeyed by all parties, that is grounds for contempt of court, which can result in jail time.

Closely related to the Family Court TRO is the crime of “abuse of a family or household member”. Unlike the TRO this is a crime and can result in a mandatory minimum of 48 hours in jail. The State of Hawaii, like most states in the United States, takes a very serious approach dealing with violence within families and households. The prosecutors and courts are serious that those committing family violence are punished.

Family Court TROs and criminal abuse of a family or household member cases are to be taken very seriously. Either of them can affect future employment or the ability to obtain or retain a security clearance that is necessary for many jobs for government-related occupations. The sensible course of action for anyone accused of abuse of a family or household member is to immediately contact Vaughan S. Winborne Jr. for assistance.