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Defending Your Record - 30+ Years of Experience

Vaughan Winborne is a sole practitioner, so there is no worry about being passed along to junior staff. He works with people in Hawaii, Hilo, Kohala, Kailua-Kona, and Ka’u.

Traffic Violations

Speeding and Excessive Speeding – Every state has a law prohibiting speeding on the highway. Some states like Hawaii have taken the law a bit further and have excessive speeding laws. Under excessive speeding in Hawaii, you can be convicted of a criminal act, a petty misdemeanor. This carries a jail sentence and a fine, along with other punishments. Criminal convictions can negatively affect your ability to get a security clearance or reenter the United States of America, if you are not a citizen. There is nothing insignificant about the consequences of a petty misdemeanor. You should have Attorney Vaughan S. Winborne Jr. on your side before it is too late.